Labeling (Fred Kirschenmann, Organic Farmer)

Fred Kirschenmann is an organic farmer who chooses not to plant genetically engineered seed. He shares his concerns about the use of genetic engineering in food production.

Transcript: Labeling

It seems to me that labeling is a fundamental right that consumers should have. I mean, in a democracy and people should have access to information. The only way that you can have adequate access to information in terms of how your food was produced is if you have some kind of label that says "here's what happened." Even if there are only ten consumers that demand [labeling], it seems to me those consumers have a right to be heard. If someone does get ill and the food is not labeled, there's no way to track it. If someone comes down with an allergy and the food hasn't been labeled and there's no way to know whether or not the food they ate was a genetically engineered variety or not, how do you track that? So then you really can't protect future consumers from [potential food-related problems]. I think labeling is essential.

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