Cleaning up with GE (Georg Anderl, Plant Manager)

Georg Anderl works with Genencor. His company engineers enzymes to help detergents really clean up!

Transcript: Cleaning up with GE

The reason we've gone to enzymes to help in detergents is it really provides beneficial effects not only for cleaning but also in the environment. If you look back in the 60s and 70s...there were a lot of phosphates and surfactins in the detergents. And that caused a lot of environmental problems. Because when that water went out into the streams, it would cause things like algae blooms, which took all the oxygen out of the water and then the fish would die. With the enzymes now we get the same cleaning effect without the phosphates. And that's very beneficial because now you have a very good way to get your clothes clean and also not have a negative environmental effect.

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