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Family Farm/Why Biotech? (Jerry Harrington, Pioneer Hi-Bred)

Jerry Harrington works with Pioneer to provide choices to their customers, find out why GE is one of them.

Transcript: Family Farm/ Why Biotech?

The reason we have biotech traits in Pioneer Hybrids in soybeans [is] to bring value to every individual acre of a [farm]. As I speak today, corn prices are not high.It's difficult for a grower to raise corn prices. However that grower can cut costs or farm more efficiently through biotech traits and that is the core of it. You've got these traits that help you farm more efficiently, farm cheaper, grow more yields per acre and perhaps at some point in time, get more money per acre of land because you're growing an end-use trait that someone else values. That's essentially the reason we have biotechnology as one of the choices at Pioneer.

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