In the Future (Norma Hirsch, M.D.)

Dr. Norma Hirsch works with issues covering the lifespan. Hear how she thinks GE will change our lives.

Transcript: In the Future

I think designer babies will be possible. I think it will be possible for couples to determine the characteristics of the child they want. You know go to the store and order it like you order a car now. I think it will be possible scientifically. Whether society will say it's acceptable, I don't know. I think there will be huge advances in preventative medicine because of what genetics can tell us. I'll be able to tell by the time I'm old enough to say my name and write it, what diseases I'm vulnerable to; and therefore, I can go to my physician, my health care practitioner, when I'm a teenager and avoid having a stroke when I'm 50 or a heart attack when I'm 42. I think its beyond our comprehension what's potentially available, what's potentially out there. We may become unrecognizable as our own race.

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