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Cloning Around (Norma Hirsch, M.D.)

Dr. Norma Hirsch works with issues covering the lifespan. Hear how she thinks GE will change our lives.

Transcript: Cloning Around

What does it mean to be a human being and what is that made up of? I think most people would suggest that individuals are their genetic makeup: whatever the influences of their environment have; how they have impacted them, and then how they see themselves; how do they self-identify as who they are. So you could clone a Michael Jordan and twenty years from now when he's a grown person, he would have the genetic makeup of the Michael Jordan that we know. But because he was raised by a different family, the impact of his environment may mean that he hasn't even seen a basketball. And he may see himself as an individual and his gifts in an area that are different than the original Michael Jordan saw as his gifts. So the fact that we clone someone means that we reproduce their genetic makeup. It doesn't mean that we reproduce that same individual.

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