Not Traditional Breeding (Steve Druker, Lawyer)

Steve Druker is a lawyer who sued the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Check out his case against genetically engineered foods.

Transcript: Not Traditional Breeding

There are hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of experts around the world who say that genetic engineering in producing food is very, very different than traditional breeding based on sexual reproduction. [It's clear] that the predominant opinion among [the Food and Drug Administration's own scientists that reviewed the issue] was that genetic engineering is very different. In fact, one of the officials at the FDA, whose job it was to summarize the input from their scientists, stated in a memo to the Biotechnology Coordinator "The processes of genetic engineering and traditional breeding are different and according to the technical experts in the agency they lead to different risks." That document is on our Website . It's a matter of public record now. That is a fair statement because people can also see memos from the various experts from the FDA speaking about the differences and the risks. Unfortunately those scientists and those people in industry who are promoting genetically engineered food just do not want to address the differences and the unique risks.

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