Feed the World (Steve Druker, Lawyer)

Steve Druker is a lawyer who sued the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Check out his case against genetically engineered foods

Transcript:  Feed the World

Don't we need biotech to feed the world? No. The facts are abundant that there is more than enough food right now to feed every man, woman, and child on earth. The problem is adequate distribution. The resource we lack is human creative intelligence. We are not applying our God-given intelligence to the problems at hand. We are polluting our soil. We are poisoning our food, through what we're doing right now. And now the biotech promoters want to introduce new potentials for poison. That's not the way to go. What we need to do, and also the research is now clear that when given a chance, organic agriculture can outcompete conventional agriculture. We need to put our attention and our intelligence on developing an intelligent system of agriculture in line with natural law that is good for the land and good for the farmer, rather than violating the laws of nature, breaking down the species barriers, contorting DNA in ways that create great problems. Let's really use our intelligence and let's act in harmony with nature instead of trying to beat it down all the time.

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