Regulatory System (Steve Druker, Lawyer)

Steve Druker is a lawyer who sued the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Check out his case against genetically engineered foods.

Transcript: Regulatory System

There is no basis for consumer confidence in the regulatory system. Because the kind of rigorous long-term tests that are necessary are [first] not required. We know that. The FDA does not currently require a smidgen of testing to be done for any genetically engineered food. And secondly, those tests that have been done on a voluntary basis, we know are superficial and in many ways ill-conducted. But there are experts that have submitted affidavits to the U.S. Federal Court in our lawsuit stating that to their knowledge there is not a single genetically engineered food that's been demonstrated safe by the kinds of tests that would be required. None of these tests appear in any of the peer-reviewed literature. The companies like Monsanto, who claim they've done them, have not been forthright in releasing the original data so that experts, objective experts, can review it.

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