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Agronomists, biochemists, farmers, and field biologists are all involved in genetic engineering. Find out how as you explore these occupations and more.

Career professionals right here in Iowa are eager to talk about how biotechnology impacts their work. Sure, they are adults working in the fields of entomology, research, and agriculture now, but they were all once kids. As students in elementary, middle, and high school, they had interests that led them into careers that are affected by biotechnology.

Students with a wide variety of interests can learn about ways to prepare for careers in biotechnology. Science and math, as well as reading and writing skills, are important. Knowing how to locate information, analyze it and then solve problems is a big part of careers associated with biotechnology. But knowing how to run a business and learning a foreign language might be helpful too.

The School to Careers project offers students the opportunity to meet career professionals through the ICN. Professionals tell you about their work and help connect school to careers!  

Organic Dairy Farmer

Field Sales Agronomist

County Extension Education Director

Plant Biotechnology Manager

Senior Research Associate

Crop Production Specialist

Organic Specialist and Associate Professor


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