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Genetic engineering is a growing field. Many excellent resources can be found on the Web. Here are some links to check out. Think about who the sponsors of the Web sites are and what their viewpoints might be.

Access Excellence
Plenty of information about biotechnology. Several interesting sections, including issues and ethics, applied biotechnology, careers, graphics, and a history of biotechnology.

If you have Shockwave (available on this site), you can go through the Virtual Bacteria ID Lab. Prepare a lab sample. Make copies of its DNA. Analyze the DNA. Figure out what the sample is. It's like working in a lab except you don't get to wear the fancy lab jacket.

Colorado State University, The Department of Soil and Crop Science
Everything you wanted to know about transgenic crops. Includes a cool animation of how transgenic crops are made. (You'll need Shockwave and Flash installed on your computer.)

DNA: Heredity and Beyond
Learn all the basic background about DNA and how to manipulate it. Includes a section on the ethics of genetic engineering.

Do you have Shockwave on your computer? Do you want to learn how genetic traits are passed along? Go to the activities organized by category and select Life Sciences, then click on Mouse Genetics.

Food and Drug Administration
See what our government has to say about bioengineered foods. Read about a new policy requiring a 120 day notice from producers before GE foods hit the marketplace. See what other people have to say about GE foods. (These letters are PDF files. You'll need Adobe Acrobat.)

Greenpeace's True Food Now
Would you like to know if genetically engineered (GE) food is in your breakfast cereal? Check here for a long list of food you eat that just might ALREADY contain GE products. Greenpeace promotes the labeling of food with GE products. Find out why.

Innovation presents The Man-Made Man
"Helping a Cop Get Back on His Feet" and "Blazing a Trail in Biotechnology" are two interesting examples of biotechnology and medicine. Check out the links to xenotransplantation in the second story.

Monsanto's Biotech Knowledge Center
What does an agricultural corporation think about biotechnology? Monsanto has a whole Web site devoted to the topic. Check out the glossary, read articles, and get some biotech basics.

The National Human Genome Research Institute's Glossary of Genetic Terms
Short definitions, expanded "talking" definitions, and illustrations help you understand genetic terms.

This is an excellent site that provides more information on the human genome. You can read or watch interviews with three people who had a hand in cracking the genome code. Check out a timeline of people who advanced some interesting ideas of genetics. Don't forget to read the interview with Dr. Kitcher in Manipulating Genes: How Much is too Much? .

Nova and Frontline
Nova and Frontline, two investigative news programs, got together to research genetic engineering in our food in Harvest of Fear. Engineer your own crop. Check out some foods that will soon have a GE variety (requires Flash). Hear what some experts have to say about GE. And much, much more.

PBS's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer–A Spotlight Focus on Genetic Research
Read a transcript from a NewsHour broadcast story on Gene Therapy. Listen to and read about the debate on human genome research. Look at the evolution of genetic research. Get a closer look at people affected by gene therapy.

The Tech Museum of Innovation presents DNA: The Instruction Manual for All Life
A very good overview of DNA and genetics. Explore the issues DNA brings up in some real-world examples.

University of Minnesota Extension Services
Maybe you want to learn about topics and issues important to farmers. This site covers all sorts of topics, like pesticides, chemical safety, seed selection, and much more.


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