What do a professor, a doctor, a zoo curator, and a student have in common? Genetic engineering.

We interviewed a wide range of people who all have distinct viewpoints about genetic engineering. Listen closely to see who you agree or disagree with. You might be surprised by how strong your own viewpoint is!

Click on a clip to watch a video or read a transcript of what the person says.

Bian Li
Bian Li won an internship from the World Food Prize Organization. Her experience give her a unique perspective on feeding the world with GE.
Charles J. Link
Dr. Charles Link is using gene therapy to research diseases and treat cancers. Explore the medical possibilities provided by genetic engineering.
Daria Schmidt
Daria Schmidt develops genetically engineered varieties for Pioneer Hi-Bred, hear what GE offers this researcher.
Gary Comstock
Gary Comstock is a bioethics professor at Iowa State who wrestles with ethical issues surrounding genetically engineered organisms.
Jerry Fleagle
Iowa Grocery Industry
Jerry Fleagle is the President of the Iowa Grocery Industry Association. Checkout what grocers think about genetically engineered foods.
Monica Post
Zoo Education Curator
Monica Post is an education curator at the Blank Park Zoo. Find out how she thinks GE could impact the animal kingdom.
Rod Townsend
Director, Regulatory Sciences
Rod Townsend moves Pioneer Hi-Bred products through the regulatory system. Find out what types of tests are required.
Tom Vilsack
Governor of Iowa
Tom Vilsack is the Governor of Iowa. Find out what he sees as the state's stake in biotechnology.
Brother Dave Andrews
Brother Dave Andrews works with the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, delve into the church's position on genetic engineering.
Cliff Mulder
Cliff Mulder is a farmer who plants genetically engineered seed. Listen to the factors he weighed in that decision.
Fred Kirschenmann
Organic Farmer
Fred Kirschenmann is an organic farmer who chooses not to plant genetically engineered seed. He shares his concerns about the use of genetic engineering in food production.
Georg Anderl
Plant Manager
Georg Anderl works with Genencor. His company engineers enzymes to help detergents really clean up!
Jerry Harrington
Public Relations, Pioneer Hi-Bred
Jerry Harrington works with Pioneer to provide choices to their customers, find out why GE is one of them.
Norma Hirsch
Dr. Norma Hirsch works with issues covering the lifespan. Hear how she thinks GE will change our lives.
Steve Druker
Steve Druker is a lawyer who sued the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Check out his case against genetically engineered foods.




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