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 Locating Genetic Information

Don't know a base pair from a double helix? Confused about chromosomes? DNA?! Nearly every single cell in your body contains this stuff, a complete set of instructions for making and maintaining another version of you. This section shows you where genetic information is located, and what terms like nucleus, base pair, and DNA mean.

Move your mouse over each term to see a brief definition. View the location of genetic information for an in-depth look.

chromosome space
nucleus cell
chromosome A chromosome is made up of a group of genes Cell Cell
Nucleus if the part of the cell that holds genetic material
Nucleus Nucleus
Chromosome Chromosome
Gene Gene
space cell cell
Base pair base pair
Cell is the basic unit of any living organism
dna DNA(double helix)
Base Pairs are the letters that spell out the genetic code
DNA is the long molecule found in the nucleus of a cell
Gene is pieces of DAN and units of heredity
Base pairs

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