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GE Basics
Locating Genetic Information

Timeline of GE

Recombinant DNA:
How Genes Are Transferred


Recombinant DNA: Example Using Insulin

How To Make Identical Genomes



Genetic Engineering is the application of engineering technology to single genes, and the reintroduction of these genes into cells of the same or different species. This section provides the basic information you need to know as you look at the issues surrounding this growing field.

Learn about:

Where the blueprints for life are stored. See Locating Genetic Information.
The milestones in genetic engineering, from its humble beginnings to current events. See the Timeline of GE.
What recombinant DNA technology is and how it is performed. See How Genes are Transferred. How recombinant DNA is used. See an Example Using Insulin.
How to clone organisms. See How to Make Identical Genomes.

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