Conservation vs. Preservation (Scott Moats, Preservationist)

Scott Moats is the Director of Stewardship and Preserve Manager at Broken Kettle Grasslands just north of Sioux City. He speaks of some hotly debated topics. How will Iowa prioritize the state's energy needs? Hear from the agency in charge of taking us into the future.

Transcript: Conservation vs. Preservation

I think preservation is a noble idea. I don't think it's functional. Again I don't think there's a biological community on the face of this Earth that is not impacted by people. This area, if it was preserved for instance, would be nothing but trees and weeds. That's definitely not preserving biodiversity. It wouldn't be accomplishing the goal of The Nature Conservancy. But by conservation, again, wise use of the resources, we're managing for biodiversity and we still have a landscape that's usable by people. We have cattle out here grazing. The recreational benefit is here for people to come out and visit. There's aesthetic value here in the northern Hills where you can really see the topography and the openness of the prairie. And so conservation I think is the way we have to go. Again, this area thrived under burning and grazing. If we removed that and just left it alone, you wouldn't have the prairie community here for very long.

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