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Agriculture (Scott Moats, Preservationist)

Scott Moats is the Director of Stewardship and Preserve Manager at Broken Kettle Grasslands just north of Sioux City. He speaks of some hotly debated topics. How will Iowa prioritize the state's energy needs? Hear from the agency in charge of taking us into the future.

Transcript: Agriculture

On a general scale, I think the farming practices are very good. They're a lot better than they were 30 years ago and constantly improving. I think the people that are still in farming, for the most part, are very progressive. They're concerned about a lot of the same things that we're concerned about except we just have a little different -- we want the same results, we have the same goals in mind -- we just approach it two different ways. And I think that's always been the big kind of riff between environmental groups and farmers...that we just don't meet on middle ground. There has to be some concessions for both because farming is important and it also is very good for wildlife in a lot of ways as well.

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