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Things are Going to Change (David Zahrt, Business Owner)

David Zahrt owns a bed and breakfast business in the Loess Hills. Hear his position on sustaining a working landscape, ownership rights, and preventing urban sprawl.

Transcript: Things are Going to Change

I know people who say, for instance when the national park service come out here to talk to us about a study, they say, "Leave us alone. We like things the way they are. We don't want them to change." And I say to myself, "Tat's the last thing that's going to happen. It's going to change." And if we don't assume responsibility for the way we'd like it to change then somebody else will. And I think the day after tomorrow we're going to have what you'd call urban sprawl here unless the county starts creating a land use plan and gets some zoning in place so we can designate where housing can go, where farmland (which is genuine farmland) needs to be protected and gets protection.

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