Natural Progression (Tim Bruning, Landowners Association President)

Tim Bruning is a resident, farmer, and president of the Loess Hills Landowners and Operators Association. Hear his perspective.

Transcript: Natural Progression

...Scientists, and by "scientists" I'm not sure who, specifically, they are, but at a park a couple miles west of town here, there's a plaque that tells the origin of the Loess Hills. And that plaque says that over the last 15,000 years the Hills have evolved from deciduous forest -- I'm sorry -- from coniferous forest to deciduous forest to prairie. There's a lot of talk and complaint about the Hills being overrun again with trees. And if the scientists are right and this has happened over the last 15,000 years, it sort of seems logical to me that maybe the progression is just reoccuring. Man is rather egotistical if they think they can have a whole to do in the overall picture.

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