Agriculture (Tim Bruning, Landowners Association President)

Tim Bruning is a resident, farmer, and president of the Loess Hills Landowners and Operators Association. Hear his perspective.

Transcript: Agriculture

A good farmer, out of necessity, is going to take care of the land. No one is going to level the Hills and make more farmland. They're going to live and make do with what's there. So the valleys and the flatter ground are going to be crops. The in-between ground is going to be pasture and there are a lot of these hilltops that are never going to be touched. They're going to stay as they have been for many years. Farmers burn the prairie to try to get rid of some of these cedars not because they think it should be prairie but it's the economical thing to do. Get rid of trees, you're going to have more pasture. But still in the overall picture, the trees are going to be there.

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