Economic Development (Tim Sproul, Conservationist)

Director of the Harrison County Conservation Board, Tim Sproul shares some thoughts on economic development.

Transcript: Economic Development

I think no one will argue with you that we need economic development. Particularly in our region here. We're a rural county, agricultural-based. If we can provide some sort of economic development that is not necessarily tied to agriculture, we're diversifying our system and we're making our county stronger. But oftentimes there are some setbacks associated with that. Meaning we certainly shouldn't encourage rural residential development on the front face of the Loess Hills on the steepest slopes. Housing is important to the county. Housing is important from a tax standpoint for the government services and everything but we also have to recognize that the front face of the Loess Hills is the steepest, the most fragile, the most delicate of the ecosystem. It has the rare plants and animals. It is the most highly erodable. So we need to convince developers that things like rural residential development need to be done in locations that are not quite as sensitive -- that are not quite as ecologically challenged as perhaps the front face is. That's one example. But it can be a Walmart. It can be a Pamida store. It can be any of those.

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