Government Contribution (Tim Sproul, Conservationist)

Director of the Harrison County Conservation Board, Tim Sproul shares some thoughts on economic development.

Transcript: Government Contribution

I think what you have to understand is that the old farmer or the old rancher is very willing to put his sweat and his hard labor and some of his money into it. But if you -- meaning the government -- is going to say to him "you ought to do this for the good of the environment -- for the good of the Loess Hills," he wants to see your contribution too. And I guess that's what we're trying to do with a number of the programs is making sure that we have access to write the grants and to parlay more money into the pool. We're doing that and trying to provide the financial incentive for them. As they do that, they then begin to see themselves, they convince themselves, that what they did maybe for the purposes of a little bit of money actually was the win/win, was the good thing. And then they begin to sell their neighbors.

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