The Future (Jean C. Prior, Research Geologist)

Jean C. Prior, a geologist, raises concerns of farming or building within a working landscape.

Transcript: The Future

In the discussion that humans have about the future of their land or where this or that is going to go, that geological component, that geological history has to be one of the voices that's heard in that conversation that all of our society is having about a place. You have to take that geological history into consideration when you think about what's best for a piece of land. And in the case of the Loess Hills, where you have a nationally significant example of a terrain, of a geological process, of an ecosystem, then I think you have to recognize that this is part of the land's gift in a way to people and some portion of that needs to be kept the way it is so that we remember what our heritage, our presettlement heritage, is and that the land gives us a sense of our roots, [which] I think is very important to keep.

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