Loss of Prairie in Iowa (Georgine Wessel, Private Landowner)

Georgine Wessel is a landowner in a working landscape. She shares her opinions on ownership, government, and stewardship issues.

Transcript: Loss of Prairie in Iowa

I think that there's a lot of awareness right now and I think that's good. I think it's really tough. The changes have come about in so few years in the scope of things. Because before the mid 1800s, Iowa was 85% prairie and now we have one tenth of 1% left. And Iowa has changed so much biologically. It's the most biologically altered state according to what I've read. And that speaks for itself. So I think if we keep those things in mind, we're going to realize that some changes need to be made and that we need to be careful with the things that we do have and try to make the right choices.

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