Cuyahoga River as a Working Landscape (Dr. Stephen Light, Policy Expert)

Dr. Stephen Light is the Director of Environment and Agriculture at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy located in Minneapolis, MN.

Transcript: Cuyahoga River as a Working Landscape

I think one of the most highly touted successes of working landscapes that we have today is the Cuyahoga River. When I was growing up, the Cuyahoga River was actually on fire and it made national news because it would catch on fire because of the chemicals and pollutants in the water. There's been a rediscovery of that region of Ohio where the government and private sector have come together to actually recreate that river valley in one that provides both tourism, recreation, and opportunities for rural society. There are agricultural industries now in that area that have moved in as a result of this renewal. And there's actually a landscape level plan that the federal government is helping in conjunction with local leaders to implement.

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