For the Common Good (Randy Carpenter, City Planner)

Randy Carpenter is a city planner in Sioux City. Find out what he thinks of urban sprawl and other important issues.

Transcript: For the Common Good

When people start to tear down the hills -- when they use them for soil mining for instance or when they build a big house on top of a ridge and obscuring the ridge line -- I think it affects all of us. It affects the neighbors who live right next door but it also affects the common good - the public interest we have in the Loess Hills. They're an Iowa treasure. They truly are. We don't have 14,000 foot peaks. We don't have ocean front. We don't have all those things. What we do have is something really unique and we have the Loess Hills. We should look at that as a common good - something that's really valuable to the state and to the area. We think it's good for economic development. People want to go to places they see [have] some uniqueness and [have] beauty to them. This is one way for us to attract people to this area is the Loess Hills. But as people develop in such a way that is destructive of the hills, we lose that economic development asset not to mention the scenic and environmental assets.

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