Running Out of Room (Randy Carpenter, City Planner)

Randy Carpenter is a city planner in Sioux City. Find out what he thinks of urban sprawl and other important issues.

Transcript: Running Out of Room

Given the fact that we grow so much, our population grows. If you look from ten year period to ten year period, we see us growing anywhere from 5-20%. It may not sound like a lot, but within a couple of generations, that's a whole lot of people. And not only that but we're growing physically at a bigger pace. I talked about the fact that people used to be satisfied with small lots and now they want bigger lots. So 1000 people moving into an area take up a whole lot more space than was the case 50 years ago with 1000 people. If you start to look at that over the long trend, over the long run, near the end of my lifetime, or my children's lifetime, you realize that we're going to develop most of this state. There's clearly going to be very little open space left unless we do this more creatively -- unless we use our land more efficiently.

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