The Biggest Threat (Randy Carpenter, City Planner)

Randy Carpenter is a city planner in Sioux City. Find out what he thinks of urban sprawl and other important issues.

Transcript: The Biggest Threat

What you see behind me is the Loess Hills and a classic example of the Loess Hills. The ridgetops that are prairie covered there and of course they don't have houses on them. We think it's a real value. Now if you move this direction, you'll see an example of how cities grow. And typically how cities grow...unfortunately, as we grow in a way that we consider to be sprawl, we take up more and more land. We put the houses on the most valuable places -- the most valuable scenic views. I think that's a real threat to the hills. Certainly, there are many exotic species such as leafy spurge and sumac that are threats to the prairie, but for the landscapes themselves, I think that urban sprawl is the biggest threat.

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