Developers Love the Land, Too (Rich Maaske, Environmental Specialist)

Rich Maaske is an environmental specialist. Hear how he deals with human development on working landscapes.

Transcript: Developers Love the Land Too

I don't want to say that developers were doing things bad. That's not a term that I would like to use. I would like to say that there are awareness issues being accomplished to help them understand that there are various conservation practices they can use that will protect their investment. And that's how you can look at it. They are protecting the environment. They're protecting the land. But they're also protecting their investment. And by doing these things, it makes it a better "product in the end" because when people want to buy, they want to see something beautiful when they come out. They don't want to see something that had a ditch in it. They don't want to see dirt on a street. They want to see green. They want to enjoy the blue skies, the green grass. They don't want to see the ditches. And so that's how we can make that impact. And that's building that awareness. And developers, realtors, they care about this land and so there again we partner with them to make things better.

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