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Critical thinking skills are at their best as students tackle the tough issues featured on the Explore More DVDs. Students explore and investigate timely issues through interactive menus, scene selections, special features, and stakeholder viewpoints, culminating in a DVDquest–a problem-based learning challenge. Students interact with the content, with experts, and with each other as they consider thought-provoking questions, explore compelling issues, review expert interviews, and solve complex problems.

These media-rich DVDs enhance the learning experience by:

  • Motivating students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world.
  • Providing an efficient and effective method of accessing indexed media clips.
  • Providing the flexibility for whole-class presentations or individual or small group work at student desktops.

Explore this section for more information about the content of these DVDs and tips for using them in your classroom.

Feature Video
The 30-minute feature video gives the big picture, increases awareness, and facilitates discussion with thought-provoking issues and expert interviews.

Scene Selection
Choose a scene or select a specific program clip.

Interact with interview clips of stakeholders and experts on the issues.

Questions and Reflections
Explore more with this engaging menu of thought-provoking questions.

Investigate the contents of the DVD to solve this real-world challenge.

Tips for Using DVDs
This list of tips provides ideas for leveraging this exciting and versatile technology in your classroom.

All project materials are available at no cost to Iowa educators. If you are an Iowa teacher and have a question about obtaining a copy of the VHS or DVD program, please contact us.