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All of us are impacted by working landscapes. Have you ever visited a state park… ever gone downhill skiing… fished in a fresh water stream? Working landscapes are evidenced all around us.

And where there are working landscapes there are working people! Working landscapes support a wide variety of careers. People who work in those careers use math, science, writing, reading, social studies, art and music! They need to solve problems and make decisions. The things they learned in middle school have helped them in their careers. You can learn about the connections between your school work and the world of work.

Check out the School to Careers Web site to learn about careers associated with working landscapes. Watch videos and meet individuals through the ICN who are currently involved in working landscapes.


Bed and Breakfast Manager

County Extension Education Director

Director of Tourism

Environmental Specialist


Field Biologist

Fisheries Biologist

Land Surveyor

Landscape Architect



Organic Dairy Farmer

Organic Specialist and Assistant Professor

Park Ranger

Project Superintendent

Real Estate Developer

State Conservation Officer

Travel Agent




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