What do a city planner, park ranger, conservationist, and researcher have in common? Working landscapes.

We interviewed a wide range of people who all have something to say. Listen closely to see who you agree or disagree with. You might be surprised by how strong your own viewpoint is!.

Click on a clip to watch a video or read a transcript of what the person says.

Scott Moats
Scott Moats is the Director of Stewardship and Preserve Manager at Broken Kettle Grasslands just north of Sioux City. He speaks of some hotly debated topics.
Sue Jennings
Loess Hills Researcher
Sue Jennings works for the National Park Service. Listen to her comments on a NPS study and other issues surrounding working landscapes.
David Zahrt
Business Owner
David Zahrt owns a bed and breakfast business in the Loess Hills. Hear his position on sustaining a working landscape, ownership rights, and preventing urban sprawl.
Tim Bruning
Landowners Association President
Tim Bruning is a resident, farmer, and president of the Loess Hills Landowners and Operators Association. Hear his perspective.
Tim Sproul
Director of the Harrison County Conservation Board, Tim Sproul shares some thoughts on economic development.
Jean C. Prior
Research Geologist
Jean C. Prior, a geologist, raises concerns of farming or building within a working landscape.
Georgine Wessell
Private Landowner
Georgine Wessel is a landowner in a working landscape. She shares her opinions on ownership, government, and stewardship issues.
Dr. Stephen Light
Policy Expert
Dr. Stephen Light is the Director of Environment and Agriculture at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy located in Minneapolis, MN.
Randy Carpenter
City Planner
Randy Carpenter is a city planner in Sioux City. Find out what he thinks of urban sprawl and other important issues.
Susanne Hickey
Loess Hills Conservationist
Susan Hickey, Loess Hills Project Director for the Nature Conservancy, talks about how managing tourism and mining will lend themselves to the success of working landscapes.
Rich Maaske
Environmental Specialist
Rich Maaske is an environmental specialist. Hear how he deals with human development on working landscapes.
Chad Graeve
Park Ranger
As a park ranger, Chad Graeve educates the public on working landscapes every day. Hear his take on maintaining working landscapes such as the Loess Hills.




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