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Explore More: Water Quality
Homes, industries, wildlife, recreation, and transportation all depend on clean sources of water. Everyone uses it, needs it, and many of us take it for granted. This program examines the ways water is used, profiles types of pollution, and presents a variety of perspectives on the issue of water quality. Companion viewing guides with pre-viewing and post-viewing questions, timecodes for easy accessibility, key vocabulary words, and video scripts help students examine and evaluate perspectives and arguments.

•  Feature Video
This 30-minute broadcast program outlines several issues surrounding water sources and uses, surveys stakeholders and experts in the field, and presents thoughtful questions to challenge your students. Find out more .

•  Viewpoint Extras
The Explore More: Water Quality VHS program contains an additional 15 minutes of issue-based interviews featuring water quality stakeholders and experts. Find out more .

•  Discussion Guide
The Explore More: Water Quality companion video discussion guide includes pre-viewing and post-viewing questions, timecodes for easy accessibility, and key vocabulary words.

•  Video Script
The video script for Explore More: Water Quality includes the Director's script and instructions for the 30-minute main feature.

•  Tips for Using Video in the Classroom
The videos are designed to be flexible and are organized around clear segments for pausing and classroom discussion. Watch a five-minute clip to jump-start classroom discussion. Watch the entire program to go in-depth on the issues. Check out these suggestions on ways to use video in your classroom .

•  Program Information
Title: Explore More: Water Quality
Series: Explore More
Producer: Iowa Public Television
Distributor: Iowa Public Television
Copyright: 2003 Iowa Public Television
Physical Format: VHS / DVD
Length: 29:00 minutes (additional 15:00 minutes of interview segments on VHS, 50:00 minutes on DVD)
Audience: Grade 6-10 +
Closed Captioning: Yes
Duplication Rights: Unlimited broadcast duplication rights for educational purposes within Iowa.

•  How to Get a Copy

  • All project materials are available at no cost to Iowa educators
  • Some Iowa AEAs have VHS and DVD copies in their collection for Iowa educators. VHS or DVD versions of the program are not currently available outside of Iowa.
  • Program VHS and DVDs can be found in many Iowa public libraries.
  • If you are an Iowa teacher and have a question about obtaining a copy of the VHS or DVD program, please contact us .
  •  Explore More is distributed to North American television and educational networks through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).

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