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People, homes, industries, wildlife, recreation, and transportation all depend on clean sources of water. Everyone uses it, needs it, and many of us take it for granted. It doesn't matter where we live, in a city or on a farm, we make a difference in water quality.

Take a look at the ways we use water: bathing, cooking, boating, fishing, washing our cars, producing electricity, swimming...The list is endless. Each one of these activities uses water in a different way. But regardless of how we use water and what we use it for, we need it to be clean. We can't prepare our food with the water we used to wash our clothes. We can't fish in streams full of runoff from a hoglot. We can't drink water that collects in puddles on the sidewalk. Why? Because of water quality.

This site looks at the importance of water quality. You will research how we use water, who uses it, and how these uses impact the quality of water. You will learn how we have changed the way water cycles through our environment. You will find ways to make a difference in water quality through the choices you make.

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Hypoxia & the Dead Zone
The Doyle family farms along the Mississippi River in Iowa. Their corn and soybean crops grow in rich river soil, created by centuries of sediment deposited by glaciers and the Mississippi's flood cycles.

What affect does farming have on water quality?
 Improves it 48
 Makes it worse 216
 No affect 75
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