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To determine the quality of water, it helps to understand what water is. You also have to be aware of the relationship between water and polluting substances, how water travels through a landscape, and how water cycles through the environment. This section provides an exploration of the chemical and biological attributes of water. The information in this section will enhance your knowledge about water use and increase your ability to critically engage the issues surrounding water quality.
The Water Cycle
Water is constantly moving and changing its molecular state as it travels between air, land, and bodies of water. "Cycle with Water" is an interactive animation that allows to you to dive in and experience this process firsthand. More
A watershed not only carries water. It can also carry pollutants. We have to pay attention to what is going on in the watershed, and identify potential sources for pollutants that might be contributing to that watershed. Knowing the potential sources of pollutants, the different land uses and practices playing out within a watershed, gives everyone a "heads up" on what pollutants to watch for. More

What's in the Water?
Water is amazing! In fact, you can't live without it. Water's special molecular structure allows it to form bonds with any positively or negatively charged atom. Water is a universal solvent meaning it dissolves other substances and transports both good and bad molecules. So, what's in the water? A lot! More


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