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Viewpoints with
Jim Kenyon:

  1. Ideal Development

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Ideal Development (Jim Kenyon, Commercial Developer)

What do developers do to keep water clean? Jim Kenyon gives his approach.


Because a lot of the practices are governed by the city, they require some sort of sediment control and erosion control because you clean out all the vegetation, and with the rains you have a tremendous amount of loss of soil. A lot of it's governed by them, but I think we've taken it a little bit further in sediment control practices with the berm that really does a much better job, and the silt fences. And the vegetation of course does a pretty good job once it's established and it takes a while to establish, but I think the biggest thing are these little berms we've put in. They completely eliminate sediment from going beyond the silt fence. [This] is tenuous at best, because [the fences] break down and people come in with four-wheelers and run 'em over. They're only as effective as they last and that's not often very long.

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