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Best Management Practices (BMPs) (Robin Pruisner, DNR Nutrient Mgmt. Specialist)

What water quality problems does the DNR face? Robin Pruisner explains.


A BMP is something...it's a recommendation, a balance between what's best for the environment and what's best for the farmer as he tries to grow his crops in a way that's profitable for him. An example of the BMP is that you don't just go in and apply insecticide to your field. Instead you go out to your field you take a look to see if there are enough insects out there and do you really need the insecticide. Nutrients work the same way. A BMP would be to test your soil, test your manure, so that you know first of all does the soil even need more fertilizer. Then before you apply the manure, test the manure so you know how many nutrients are in it, which helps you decide how much manure to apply. Employing BMPs like that really cut down on the chances of nutrients being lost and going down the river.

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