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Manure: A Valuable Commodity (Allen Burt, Farmer)

Farmers can be the first line of defense to protect water quality. Get Allen Burt's gameplan.

First of all we treat [manure] like a very valuable commodity. It isn't just water and fecal material -- it's a commodity that we need to deal with and manage properly. What we do first of all...we take samples of the manure to test it for its nutrient and its value. Then what we do then, once a year usually in the fall after we remove the corn and the soybeans, we take the manure then and haul it back out on the field, inject it in the soil, cover it up with the soil so it doesn't smell -- because you know our house is close to the field and we have neighbors. And so we have to be careful we don't make a big smell. We're very conscious of that. We are treating it like a valuable part of our operation.

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