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A Price to Pay (Allen Burt, Farmer)

Farmers can be the first line of defense to protect water quality. Get Allen Burt's gameplan.

First of all we're the ones also drinking the water. We're the ones living out here breathing the air. So purposefully, none of us would pollute the water that we drink. That would be silly. Again, I mentioned before, sometimes there are human mistakes made where we do pollute. but to do it on purpose that just isn't the case because it costs too much -- the fertilizers cost too much. To go out randomly and throw it out there, you wouldn't stay in business very long because there's not that much money to be made in profit. What I would say to the critics that point the finger at agriculture is: "What do you want to pay for the food that you eat? How much are you willing to pay?" We have the cheapest food in the world, and also the safest food in the world. Those two things come at a price.

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