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Sediment (Lynette Seigley, DNR)

What are Iowa's biggest water pollution problems? Dive into these expert answers from Lynette Seigley.


The biggest non-point source pollution that we have in Iowa is sediment. There are a number of different sources of sediment -- farm fields' erosion off of farm fields. Construction sites, where you don't have proper sediment control structures in place, you can easily have sediment erode off of those lands, those landscape areas, and that sediment is transported directly into water bodies. You can have pasture areas that are overgrazed, animal access, cattle access to streams, with all the trampling to stream corridors, [which] exposes bare ground, which, in turn, exposes sediment to erosion. Then along all of our major rivers, if you don't have a lot of vegetation sort of holding the soil in place, stream banks can be a major source of sediment into streams.

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