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Treatment Options (L.D. McMullen, Drinking Water Treatment Expert)

What's the future for water treatment? L.D. McMullen examines some cutting edge technology.


Now we're looking at even more sophisticated things. Instead of just looking at chlorine, we're looking at ozone. We're looking at ultraviolet light. We're looking at chlorine dioxide, like they used in the Hart Senate office building in Washington, D.C. We're looking at lots of different chemicals to kill bugs. We're also looking at lots of different things to make the water clearer, purer using what they call membrane technologies. It's becoming very, very complicated and very, very sophisticated, but as a result we're also producing higher and higher quality of water. History has come along, driven primarily by people dying [because of water-born disease]. Now what we're trying to do is make the water so people not only think it's better but it's also of a higher quality.

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