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The Silver Bullet (L.D. McMullen, Drinking Water Treatment Expert)

What's the future for water treatment? L.D. McMullen examines some cutting edge technology.


The most interesting new technology that's coming is membranes. Now a membrane is a very thin sheet of plastic. It has little itty bitty holes in it that only allows certain things to go through it and it turns out water is really small, as far as a molecule. It's kind of like a screen, but it is so small of a screen that it's very, very difficult to see. Water passes through it, all the other stuff sits on the other side. They're making membranes that are so selective they can take out certain contaminants. You can have a membrane to take out hardness. You can have a membrane to take out bugs. You can take membranes that take out everything and only allow pure water to come out the other side. Membrane technology prices are just plummeting to a point that a decade ago you would say that isn't even something that's a dream in anybody's mind to today -- they're designing water treatment plants using membrane technology. If that really catches on and the price continues to plummet, it will probably be the silver bullet for water treatment.

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