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Production Problems (Fred Kirschenmann, Farm Policy Expert)

How do farm practices and policies affect water quality? Hear Fred Kirschenmann's perspective.


The challenge then is for those producers, who want to get larger and who want to continue to access the highly consolidated market system...to find ways to solve the problems of raising huge numbers of hogs in close confinement situations. There are some technologies, which are developing. The odor problem, for example, can probably be solved by putting recycling systems into the barns and using the methane as an energy source. The manure problem is probably going to be a little more difficult. If you have huge amounts in a local place, it gets costly to haul it far enough to spread it across fields, but that's probably going to be done through regulation. We're going to regulate the amount of nitrates, the amount of nitrogen, the amount of phosphorous that's going onto land more closely. I doubt that's going to be fully successful personally because you can't put a policeman on every farm, but those are problems that are going to need to be addressed and solved.

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