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These links provide you with more information on topics related to water quality. They are organized by topic area. Be sure to check related links for more information. Some topics are closely related, like business and agriculture.

Kansas State Research and Extension
Vegetative Filter Strips for Animal Feeding Operations.
These are natural grass filters for animal sewage. Pages 1 and 7 give you a good overview of how they're designed and their limitations.

United States Geological Survey (USGS)
National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Water Quality and Nonpoint Sources in Agricultural Watersheds."

Business and Industry Iowa State Extension Services
The Iowa Plan for Open Feedlots
Iowa is big player in beef , pork, and egg production. The State of Iowa is spending a lot of time finding out how to accommodate the feedlots (and the jobs they bring) into the environment.

Drinking Water
Des Moines Water Works Homepage
Learn more about water quality on the local level. See how the city of Des Moines monitors its water supply. www.dmww.com/empact.asp

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Office of Water Homepage
2002 is the Year of Clean Water. Research ground water, drinking water, watersheds, wastewater management, and much more.

National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Drinking Water Monitoring Strategies and Priorities."

Smithsonian Magazine
Wastewater Problem? Just Plant a Marsh. For some of the toughest environmental cleanups, plants can do it better and cheaper than we can.

"Frequently Asked Questions About the Environment."
Many of these question relate directly to water.

National Biological Information Infrastructure
FrogWeb: Amphibian Declines and Deformities
Amphibians, animals that spend at least part of their lifecycle in the water, are completely dependent on good water quality. This site explores the link in amphibian deformities (missing limbs, too many limbs) and environmental factors.

National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Fish Consumption."

Household Practices
National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Water Quality and Nonpoint Sources in Urban Watersheds."

Texas A & M Ag News
"Don't Contribute to Runoff Pollution."
This article explains ways homeowners can limit the pollution that comes from their yards.

Washington State University
Clean Water for Washington
"Your Yard and Water Quality: Simple Things Gardeners Can do to Prevent Water Contamination" Interested in gardening? Learn how the design of your garden can help keep water clean.

Hydrologic Modification
Watershed Protection: A Statewide Approach
This site looks at how water quality can be managed by looking at the watersheds within a state. (Nebraska is the example.) Learn the four major features of a watershed protection approach: targeting priority problems, getting stakeholder involved, using solutions that make use of the expertise and authority of multiple agencies, and measuring success through monitoring and data gathering.

Aquifer Basics
Confused about how aquifers fit into the water cycle? This site explains it all.

USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Cost Effective Strategies for Source-water Protection and Management."

Walnut Creek Watershed Project
Walnut Creek is an unassuming little farm country stream that begins northwest of Kelley and enters the Skunk River a couple of miles above Cambridge, but its watershed is the focus of some nationally significant research on how agricultural practices affect both surface and ground water...

Watershed Information Network
Know Your Watershed
Three video clips explain watersheds and pollution.

Environmental News Network
"EPA orders General Electric to dredge PCBs from Hudson River"

National Park Service
Bridging the Watershed
Visit the student section and play some fun and interesting online games, including one on macroinvertebrates -- the creatures that tell us how healthy a stream is -- and another one on the path anadromous fish take from the sea to a river and back again. 

Land Applied Chemicals
Environmental Protection Agency
Monitoring Water Quality
How do we know our water is safe to use? We monitor its quality. This site gives you an introduction on how and why water is monitored.

National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Linkages Between Water Quality and Chemical Use."

USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Pesticide Registration."

Water Science for Schools
Maps, geological information, online activities are available on this site from the United States Geological Survey.

American Rivers
This organization keeps track of America's waterways and how they are doing. Articles on lots of water quality topics are available.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This is the photo gallery for NOAA. You can look and images of toxic clean up and other water quality related images.

Iowa State University Extension Services
Listen to the Nutrient Management Minute. Each one minute audio file covers a single topic, like hypoxia, buffer strips, manure application, and many more. Requires RealPlayer.

USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program
"Nutrient Enrichment and Criteria."





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