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This section explores the different ways agriculture uses water.

Agricultural Uses of Water
Agriculture uses a lot of water. In fact it’s the second largest user of water in the U.S. Water withdrawal: thermoelectric generation 47%, irrigation 34%, public supply 9%, industrial 6%, mining 1%, livestock 1%, domestic 1%, commercial uses 1%.

Since many regions of the U.S. don’t get enough precipitation to grow crops, they depend on irrigation. Farmers irrigate about 15 percent of American farmlands to grow food and fibers. Crops grown on irrigated lands are valued at nearly $70 billion a year—about 40 percent of the total value of all crops sold. Just like crops, livestock need to be watered, but this use accounts for a much smaller piece of the water withdrawal pie. Both of these uses affect the quantity of water available for other needs and can affect the quality of water.

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