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What do a research geologist, a farmer, a senator, and a CEO have in common? Water Quality.

We interviewed a wide range of people who all have something to say. Listen closely to see who you agree or disagree with. You might be surprised by how strong your own viewpoint is!

Click on a clip to watch a video or read a transcript of what the person says.

Jim Kenyon
Commercial Developer
What do developers do to keep water clean? Jim Kenyon gives his approach.
Robin Pruisner
DNR Nutrient Mgmt. Specialist
What water quality problems does the DNR face? Robin Pruisner explains.
Joe Bolkcom
Iowa State Senator (D)
What does water quality have to do with politics? Find out from Senator Bolkcom.
Bill Stowe
Wastewater treatment expert
What goes in must come out. Hear how it happens from Bill Stowe.
Allen Burt
Farmers can be the first line of defense to protect water quality. Get Allen Burt's gameplan.
Lynette Seigley
What are Iowa's biggest water pollution problems? Dive into these expert answers from Lynette Seigley.
L.D. McMullen
Drinking Water Treatment Expert
What's the future for water treatment? L.D. McMullen examines some cutting edge technology.
Fred Kirschenmann
Farm policy expert
How do farm practices and policies affect water quality? Hear Fred Kirschenmann's perspective.
Amy Suarez
American Humane Society
Why is managing manure so important? Ask Amy Suarez.
Larry Ginter
Farm policy activist
Find out why this farmer thinks factory farms are harming our water.
Wayne Peterson
Urban Conservationist
Can the past provide the key to the future of water quality? Get Wayne Petersen's take on "green development."




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