Imagine my surprise this morning when I discovered that the Fort Dodge Public Library had added a coat of paint to the entire library in celebration of my arrival!


They had also installed a brand new building block table!


It appears they had a very "large" supply of building blocks to work with!


Luckily, even with all the fun distractions, I was able to round up the crowd for story time.


Later at the Thompson Public Library, librarians from four different libraries were in attendance!


By the time everyone finished filing in, the room was filled with over 90 people!


Afterward, I complimented a kid on his awesome listening behavior. That's when he told me I should refer to him as "Mister Awesome."


Unfortunately, I was mistakenly registered as a "Take Me Home" prize, so I had to disappoint some audience members!


Dan's Wise Advice of the Day: They say every dog has his day. However, famed dog Moocherbits gets every other Friday and two hours on the third Tuesday of every other month.