Doctor Notable November

Nov 1, 2017 | 1 min

IPTV KIDS Clubhouse fans can now enjoy and perform their favorite songs from the series’ music man, Doctor Notable.

Iowa Public Television announced today that fans can watch, learn all the lyrics and sing along to Doctor Notable’s music videos during “Doctor Notable November.”

These fun-filled songs, available at and on YouTube, are an engaging, free educational resource for parents and caretakers. Jim Sieck of Waverly composes and performs music for the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse series as Doctor Notable. After writing the theme song, producers asked Sieck to create even more kid-friendly music.

“I wanted to write music that made kids feel as good as they do when they’re watching the show,” Sieck said.

A lifelong friend of series host Dan Wardell, Sieck was excited to work alongside Wardell. He wanted to compose songs that captured the essence of the upbeat and entertaining series. In addition to writing eight original songs, Sieck also performed them as part of music videos included in the second season episodes.

The sing-along videos include “Bubbles,” “DanBot RoboTrot,” “Pluto’s Plight,” “A World Without Vowels,” “Lonely Lifeguard,” “Jammy Time,” “Copper & Penelope” and “Harley Henrickson.” Sieck is currently working on 10 new Doctor Notable songs for the series’ upcoming third season. The IPTV KIDS Clubhouse is a children’s television program aimed at 2 to 10 year olds that encourages kids to go outside and play, use their imaginations, read a good book and eat healthy food.

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Support for IPTV KIDS Clubhouse is provided by Blank Children’s Hospital, Casey’s General Stores and Noodles & Co.