Friends of IPTV MemberCard

The Friends MemberCard is yet another way we have of saying "thank you" to those who support Iowa Public Television. MemberCard provides great value – 2-for-1 dining opportunities at more than 300 restaurants throughout Iowa and the surrounding states, plus thousands of restaurants nationwide! (Full list of benefits)

The Friends MemberCard arrives in the mail with an extensive directory of participating restaurants, cultural attractions, golf courses, and discounts at selected merchants. The MemberCard is also good for 2-for-1 lodging at many of Iowa's finest bed-and-breakfasts. As you travel, be sure to have your MemberCard and directory to ensure you receive these discounts.

Full instructions about how to use the card can be found in your MemberCard directory. The directory also includes a toll-free number to call for information, including how to use your MemberCard in other participating markets. MemberCards are valid for one year from issue date.

The MemberCard is an additional benefit of membership for those giving $60 or more to Iowa Public Television – both renewed gifts and new memberships.

Unsure about your renewal status? Call our membership department Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. at 800.728.2828 or send us an email at

MemberCard devices

The MemberCard now has a new and improved mobile app!

How do you download the app?

Downloading the app is very easy. You can download the app for either iPhone or Android devices by searching "MemberCard" in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

iTunes App Store Google Play Store

Will this new app replace the old MemberCard App in the Apple App Store/Google Play?

Yes, if you have previously downloaded the MemberCard benefit locator app to their device, the app will be updated to the new version, which includes the mobile redemption feature.

Where is the activation code on my card?

The activation code is embossed on your MemberCard. If your card isn't embossed with your membership number, you can visit to request an activation code.

What happens if I lose my access code?

If you lose your access code, simply call our Member Benefits Customer Service line at 800.423.7645. They will confirm your membership status and expiration date with IPTV, and provide you with a new activation code.

How are the benefits redeemed using the MemberCard Mobile app?

Benefits will be located by GPS and appear as a list on the app. Once a benefit is selected, members can hit the "redeem" button at the bottom of their screen. At that point, the member is prompted twice, ensuring that they want to redeem that benefit. The member needs to be physically at the establishment in order to redeem.

Once a benefit is used, how will benefit providers and members know that it's one time use is expired?

Once each benefit is redeemed, the offer is marked "Used' and is unable to be redeemed a second time.