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Stories & More: Physical Activity
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Stories & More ICN sessions are interactive, educational and fun! During the session we read stories, watch short videos, sing songs, discuss and do activities. Participating in ICN sessions is a great way to get children excited about technology as well as our various topics. Content is geared toward Prek-1st grade audiences.

Confirmed registrants receive a supplementary book to keep in your classroom, library, or center.

MARCH: Physical Activity

Great Physical Activity books that may be used in session:

  • The Busy Body Book, by Lizzy Rockwell
  • We Like to Move
  • Jump Frog Jump By Robert Kalan
  • Exercise! By Liz Gogerly
  • Get Up and Go by Nancy Carlson
  • Giraffe’s Can’t dance by Giles Andreae
  • Materials Needed for this session:

  • One piece of paper
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Following this ICN session, confirmed registrants receive the complimentary books You Can't Taste a Pickle With your Ear and Even More Parts or alternate titles.

    Stories & More sessions are offered each month on a Thursday. Each day there will be two opportunities to participate, 9:30-10:15 AM and 12:30-1:15 PM. Click on the titles below for more information and to register for other Stories & More ICN sessions.

    Suggested Prerequisites:

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    • Healthy Minutes for Kids - Encourage positive health choices, good nutritional practices, personal safety, good decision making, and many other important skills with IPTV's Healthy Minutes videos and companion resources.
    • Healthy Minutes for Grown Ups - Classroom resources and materials for Healthy Minutes.
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    Standards: (Hide Standards)

    Applicable standards from McREL:

    Physical Education Standards

    Standard 1: Uses a variety of basic and advanced movement forms

    Level Pre-K [Grades: Pre-K]

    1. Coordinates movements in space to accommodate objects and boundaries
    2. Demonstrates a sense of balance (e.g., stands on one foot, walks on a balance beam)
    3. Coordinates body movement in a variety of activities (e.g., climbing stairs, walking in different directions, jumping forward, galloping)
    4. Demonstrates coordinated movements in kicking, catching, and throwing
    5. Coordinates movement with a tempo or rhythm (e.g., marching to music, dancing)
    6. Demonstrates strength and control to accomplish a variety of tasks
    7. Uses hand-eye coordination to complete tasks (e.g., string beads, do puzzles, copy and trace a variety of figures)
    8. Uses manual coordination to control tools (e.g., pencils, crayons, scissors) and manipulate objects (e.g., zippers, buttons, snaps)

    Level I [Grades: K-2]

    1. Uses a variety of basic locomotor movements (e.g., running, skipping, hopping, sliding)
    2. Uses a variety of basic non-locomotor skills (e.g., bending, twisting, stretching, turning, lifting)
    3. Uses a variety of basic object control skills (e.g., underhand and overhand throw, catch, hand dribble, foot dribble, kick and strike)
    4. Uses simple combinations of fundamental movement skills (e.g., locomotor, non-locomotor, object control, body control, and rhythmical skills)
    5. Uses control in weight-bearing activities on a variety of body parts (e.g., jumping and landing using combinations of one and two foot take-offs and landings)
    6. Uses control in balance activities on a variety of body parts (e.g., one foot, one hand and one foot, hands and knees, headstands)
    7. Uses control in travel activities on a variety of body parts (e.g., travels in backward direction and changes direction quickly and safely, without falling; changes speeds and directions in response to various rhythms; combines traveling patterns to music)
    8. Uses smooth transitions between sequential motor skills (e.g., running into a jump)
    9. Uses locomotor skills in rhythmical patterns (e.g., even, uneven, fast, and slow)

    Standard 3. Understands the benefits and costs associated with participation in physical activity

    Level Pre-K [Grades: Pre-K]

    1. Understands the need for exercise

    Level I [Grades: K-2]

    1. Understands the health benefits of physical activity (e.g., good health, physical endurance)


    Classroom Resources:

    The following related programs are available on IPTV's broadcast or from the AEAs: (Check the K-12 Classroom Television ( Web site for broadcast dates and times.)

    • GOODBODIES (Grade Level: PreK-2)
    • HEALTHY MINUTES (Grade Level: PreK-2)

    Check out the Classroom Resources for additional materials prepared and compiled by IPTV K-12 Connections staff.

    Only twelve interactive sites are scheduled for each session. Videotaping is NOT available.

    Sessions are provided at no cost by Iowa Public Television in collaboration with the Iowa Communications Network to PK-12 students and the adults working with or on behalf of PK-12 students in Iowa. If you are not employed by a school district or an AEA please register at library sites only.

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    Abby Brown

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    March 06, 2014
     Thursday, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
    Audience: PreK-1
    Friday, February 28, 2014
    March 06, 2014
     Thursday, 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
    Audience: PreK-1
    Friday, February 28, 2014
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