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K-12 Connections Event
Arthur's Sleepover
Subject Areas:
    Language Arts/Communication

Everyone loves a sleepover! Join us for this exciting ICN session where we read the book Arthur's Sleepover by Marc Brown and engage students in interdisciplinary activities designed to foster learning while having fun at Arthur's sleepover. During the session we will sing Arthur's theme song, pack our paper suitcases with sleepover words, read Arthur's Sleepover, vote for our favorite book genre, map Arthur's sleepover campsite, and use pretzels to spell Arthur's name!

Following the ICN session, registrants receive the complimentary book Arthur's Sleepover Teacher Resources and Writing Prompts, or alternate books by mail.

Adults registering for this event agree to provide each student with the following materials:

  • a pencil
  • Arthur's Suitcase
  • Arthur's Coordinate Map
  • If you would like your students to create alphabet letters from pretzels-plan to provide each student with at least 10 regular sized double looped pretzels.

DO NOT have students complete the sheets; we will complete them together in the ICN session.

Suggested Prerequisites:

Please invite students to wear pajamas (optional) to this ICN party.

Session Related Web sites:

  • PBS Arthur - Locate and print additional educational materials relating to Arthur in the classroom.
  • Print off Arthur Glasses for students to decorate and wear to the ICN session.
  • PBS Martha Speaks -Includes games, activities and printable worksheets to enrich your child's vocabulary.

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Classroom Resources:

The following related programs are available on IPTV's broadcast or from the AEAs: (Check The Classroom Resource ( Web site for broadcast dates and times.)

  • ARTHUR: program 110 'Arthur's Birthday' (Grade Level: PreK-3)
  • POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER: (Grade Level: PreK-2)
  • BETWEEN THE LIONS (Grade Level: PreK-2)
  • MARTHA SPEAKS (Grade Level: PreK-2)
  • WORDGIRL (Grade Level: PreK-4)
  • SUPER WHY! (Grade Level: PreK-2)

Only twelve 'interactive' sites are scheduled for each session. 'View-only' sites and videotaping are NOT available.

Sessions are provided at no cost by Iowa Public Television in collaboration with the Iowa Communications Network to PK-12 students and the adults working with or on behalf of PK-12 students in Iowa.

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Contact Person:
Abby Brown
Educational Telecommunications
(800) 532-1290 or (515) 242-4181
Offering Dates & Times: Registration Deadlines:
October 09, 2013
 Wednesday, 9:30 AM - 10:20 AM
Audience: Grades K-4
Friday, October 4, 2013
October 09, 2013
 Wednesday, 12:30 PM - 1:20 PM
Audience: Grades K-4
Friday, October 4, 2013
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