December 20, 2007







The December 20, 2007, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council was held via telephone conference call .  The following members were present at the meeting:  Al Bode, ISEA; Jim Bodensteiner, Regents; Ken Clipperton, IAICU; Dean Cook, SAI; Greg Davis, IASB; Fred Maharry for Tim Dose, SAI; Mary Gannon, IASB; Glenn Grove, AEA Boards; Ellen Kabat Lensch, IACCT; Terry Rinehart, IPTV; Kay Runge, DE/Libraries; Chet Rzonca, Regents; Gail Sullivan, DE; and Jean Torgeson, IACCT.   *Ken Wolwell, IAICU; David Montgomery, DE/CIANS; Kathryn O’Shaughnessy, ISEA; and Mary Travillian, AEA Boards were absent.  *notation made 5-1-08


The following guests were also present at the meeting:  Tami Fujinaka,  Gail McMahon, ICN; Julie Thomas, RTC 6 Coordinator; Adrienne MacMillan and Mick Jurgenson, RTC 6; Robert Reppert, RTC 9; Mark Steffen, RTC 11 Coordinator and Cynthia Munyon, RTC 11; Janelle Archer, ICN Scheduler, Region 11; Kirk Ahrends, RTC 12; and Kathy Borlin and Deb Fiscus, IPTV.


A change in membership has occurred beginning with this meeting.  John Hartung resigned his position in November 2007 as one of the IAICU representatives on the council and Ken Colwell, St. Ambrose University, was appointed to fill the vacancy. 


Change to agenda—the January meeting date for the ITTC meeting has been changed to January 31, 2008.


II.         UPDATES


A.    ICN Update

Tami Fujinaka provided members with an update on the ICN IP Conferencing solution provision

·          ICN staff has been working with AGT to develop an array of IP conferencing solutions via the ICN infrastructure.  Finalization of the contract has taken a little longer than expected, however changes made in the current amended version will deliver a more cost efficient product to the customer.

·          Completed the Amendment 1 to the AGT Agreement; the amendment will allow for AGT to develop Video Conferencing Applications and submit as Service Exhibits for ICN approval to be added to the AGT Agreement.  Conferencing Services to include:

o                   Managed Conferencing Service (Remote Monitoring, Scheduling, Help Desk &       Maintenance)

o                   Streaming and Recording

o                   On Demand Conferencing Service; Video/Audio/Web

o                   Conferencing System Design, Integration, Installation & Maintenance

o                   Video Infrastructure Components Sales

 AGT will be granted approval to provision these Services to ICN authorized users, providing IP Video Conferencing Solutions whereby AGT is the application provider and ICN is the network provider.  The ICN will benefit from increased bandwidth demands thru the increase in customer use of the applications provided by AGT.

·          ICN staff is finalizing the pricing matrix for these services that is expected to be considered by the ITTC at their January 31st meeting. 


Survey – As an element of the ICN strategic planning campaign, the ICN is surveying ICN schedulers and members of the TIE group to determine how our customers and end users perceive the ICN.  Genesis Marketing, a third party vendor is conducting this web based survey.  An invitation to participate was sent by John Gillispie on December 4th.  The survey was sent December 9th with a reminder being sent the week of December 17th.  As of December 14th, 78 out of over 230 of those receiving survey requests have responded or approximiately 33%.


Genesis will provide a final report to the ICN management team in mid January and a report regarding the survey will be made at the January 31st ITTC meeting.


Gail McMahon updated the members about the first annual ICN In-Toto Conference held November 7th.  There were 74 participants at the one-day conference and overall, positive feedback has been received.  The conference planning committee appreciated the attendance of ETC members who were able to attend.  The committee is waiting to hear if the conference is approved for next year and any feedback or support by attendees is appreciated.


ICN 101 sessions continue to be offered and held for those agencies or schools that are interested.  Gail McMahon has been to several locations to visit with any number of employees about how to use their room and different things to be aware of when presenting over the Network.


Through the "new and improved" ICN-IPTV collaboration, Gail McMahon and Trista Peitzman from IPTV exhibited and/or presented, at many conferences this fall including IASB, SAI and Iowa School Counselor Association.  ICN, IPTV and ILO presented several sessions together.


For further information about any of the ICN activities above contact Gail McMahon ( or Tami Fujinaka (


Mick Jurgenson, Fred Maharry, Superintendent at Alta CSD, expressed interest in opportunities available to K-12’s [for class sharing and] to better utilize their ICN room.  Gail McMahon suggested that Mick Fred speak to Arlan Thorson concerning the Iowa Learning Online (ILO) project.  For more information about ILO, contact Arlan at or by calling 515/242-5418.




The December 20, 2007, meeting of the Education Telecommunications Council was adjourned at 9:20 a.m.  The next regularly scheduled meeting of the ETC will be June 5, 2008, at Iowa Public Television.